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CSE is dedicated to promoting best practices for federal, state and local agencies who are legally bound to justify the economic basis for their decisions and demonstrate that they serve the public interest. To this end, we monitor, comment and if necessary challenge in court decisions that affect the well being of the nation’s economy and its citizens. These include decisions related to land and resource management and economic policy. We also help leaders in Congress, state legislatures as well as county and city councils and commissions analyze the impacts of innovative legislative approaches to solving our economic challenges. Our advocacy initiatives are grouped into three separate categories:

  • Litigation – CSE houses a team of experienced law fellows and expert witnesses that can help organizations hold public agencies accountable for their commitments to protect the environment, foster equity, and provide meaningful opportunities for public participation. We help develop and coordinate litigation strategies that advance sustainability initiatives and guard against threats to the quality of our environment and economy. Our fellows litigate under statues such as the federal National Environmental Policy Act, Endangered Species Act, National Forest Management Act, Clean Water Act, Freedom of Information Act and their state level counterparts. Our experts bolster their work by supplying declarations in the fields of environmental economics, conservation biology, and planning.
  • Administrative processes – Public decisions and planning processes often require extensive involvement by interested parties and the expertise to decipher mountains of technical information. CSE’s environmental law, economics, and environmental policy fellows help organizations be effective in administrative processes that are often exceedingly complex. We prepare administrative level comments and appeals on both a programmatic and site-specific basis, and help organizations develop systems to monitor upcoming projects.
  • Legislative support - Making the transition to a sustainable society will require innovative legislative solutions in Congress and at the state and local levels. CSE helps develop and build support for these solutions by commenting on legislative language, providing comprehensive analysis of proposals, sponsoring educational forums for legislators, and testifying in hearings. While we do not lobby for or against specific legislative proposals, our broad expertise in economics and sustainability can help evaluate the efficacy of various approaches.


Delong Mountain Terminal Project Carbon Footprint Analysis

Delong Mountain Terminal Project Carbon Footprint Analysis

The DMTP has the potential to increase carbon emissions associated with construction activities, shipping, fuel used at the mine, and fuel consumed by regional villages. This report discusses the legal basis for disclosing this carbon footprint increase. We then identify the magnitude of economic damages or social costs associated with ... Read More
Economic and Community Benefits of New Mexico's Roadless Areas

Economic and Community Benefits of New Mexico’s Roadless Areas

CSE estimates that New Mexico’s inventoried roadless areas on national forest lands generate tens of millions of dollars in economic benefits each year in the form of carbon sequestration, water filtration, backcountry recreation, game and non-game wildlife habitat, and scenery. We also found that counties with significant concentrations of roadless ... Read More