Who We Are

About Us

Center for Sustainable Economy conducts peer-reviewed research on the full range of sustainable development challenges humanity faces, including climate change, deforestation, extinction, inequality and poverty. We develop innovative solutions such as new measures of progress and new policies to expedite the transition to renewable energy. We are also vocal advocates for change, using legislative and administrative processes, the courts, and grassroots mobilization to achieve our goals.

Our mission

At Center for Sustainable Economy, we work with partners to accelerate the transition to a sustainable and just society. We believe that an economy based on renewable energy, public transit, thriving native ecosystems, local business and cultural diversity is one that delivers genuine progress for all. The transition we seek is long overdue, and won’t come from a handful of experts talking to a handful of decision makers. Instead, we believe that the systemic changes we seek must evolve naturally from an engaged and informed electorate, conscientious consumers, businesses that have community wellbeing as a core value, politicians who are willing to be bold, and strong social movements.