Unprecedented Times Call for An Unprecedented Response

Minneapolis Police arrest CNN reporter covering riots in the aftermath of the police killing of George Floyd May 29, 2020.

These are unprecedented times. Our nation is mourning the more than 100,00 dead due to the COVID19 virus. Of those who have contracted the virus, recent studies show brown and Black communities are most likely to die from it. Simultaneously, the Navajo Nation is now facing more deaths per capita from COVID19 than anywhere else in our country. And, in the midst of this pandemic, we are witness to the sheer brutality of Minneapolis police killing a Black man, George Floyd, in broad daylight and the understandable rage and rioting that has followed, which may mean a surge in more COVID19 cases and deaths there.

We at CSE stand in solidarity with our Black, brown, and Native brothers and sisters, and urge everyone to do the same. Here are some additional action steps you can take.

Thank you for your solidarity, activism and generosity. We need it now more than ever.

–Daphne Wysham, Climate Justice Program Director, Anthony Rogers-Wright, CSE Board Member and National Racial/Climate Justice Advocate, the rest of the staff at CSE

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