Who We Are

Staff and board

John Talberth

President and Senior Economist

John is the founder of Center for Sustainable Economy and currently serves as both President and Senior Economist. John coordinates consulting work with non-profits, businesses, universities, and government agencies seeking environmental economics expertise and analysis to support their sustainability initiatives and programs. He also leads work on CSE’s Wild and Working Forests, Genuine Progress, and Green Infrastructure Programs.
Daphne Wysham

Daphne Wysham

Climate Justice Program Director

Daphne Wysham directs Center for Sustainable Economy's Climate Justice Program. A former Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington, D.C., where she worked for 20 years, Daphne has worked since the mid-1990s on research and advocacy at the intersection of climate justice and sustainable economies.
Nick Caleb

Nicholas Caleb

Staff Attorney - Climate Justice Program

Nicholas is the Staff Attorney for the Climate Justice Program at the Center for Sustainable Economy. He graduated from the University of Oregon School of Law in 2009 and received his LL.M. in Law & Technology from Tilburg University, Netherlands in 2010.
Samantha Krop

Samantha Krop

Campaign Manager, Wild and Working Forest Program

Sam is the Campaign Manager for the Wild and Working Forests Program at the Center for Sustainable Economy.

Mamelang Memela

Climate Justice Program Associate

Mamelang Memela is a Program Associate with the Climate Justice Program.

Elijah Cetas

Grassroots Organizer

Elijah is the Grassroots Organizer with the Climate Justice Program.

Dr. Nejem Raheem

Economics Fellow

Dr. Nejem Raheem serves as an environmental economics fellow at CSE in the Green Infrastructure Program and the New Measures of Progress programs. Most recently, he has worked on CSE projects analyzing the economic impacts of infrastructure development in arctic Alaska. Nejem is an assistant professor of economics at Emerson College in Boston with over 10 years of experience as an environmental economist.

Simone Crowe

Organizing Fellow

Simone has joined CSE in a collaborative fellowship with OPAL Environmental Justice, as the Oregon Green New Deal Listening Tour Fellow.

Susan Leopold

Board Treasurer

Susan, is a regular board member of the Center for Sustainable Economy.
Portrait of Kelly O'Hanley

Dr. Kelly O’Hanley

Board Secretary

Dr. Kelly O’Hanley is a board member of the Center for Sustainable Economy. An obstetrician gynecologist with a degree in public health, she has worked in almost 40 countries to foster the health of mothers and babies. She has taught the next generation of physicians at Stanford and Harvard Universities.

Anthony Rogers-Wright

Board Member

Selected as one of the "Grist.org 50 People You’ll Be Talking About" in 2016, Anthony K. Rogers-Wright has over ten years of policy analysis, community organizing and outreach/advocacy experience, and works as a Policy Fellow with the Climate Justice Alliance. While serving as a policy analyst for various environmental consulting firms in California and Colorado, he specialized in land use, Clean Air Act and environmental justice compliance. He has used his organizing and outreach experience to advocate for a variety of social justice campaigns including affordable health care access, decreasing the income inequality divide, and civil rights for LGBT citizens.

Jeri Jimenez

Board Member

Jeri Jimenez is a Native Oregonian and a member of the Klamath tribe, and has won numerous awards for her activism and leadership in the Portland community.  She was introduced to environmental justice issues in 1994 while working as a hotel worker exposed to toxic chemicals.  From there, she became an organizer and has worked in that field for over 20 years developing leadership in people of color to use their own voices to speak for themselves.

Richard Mietz

Vice President

Richard has been involved with various environmental and public interest groups as an activist, attorney, and CSE board member since 1985. As a public interest attorney, he has been active in representing various public interest "watchdog" organizations in New Mexico in numerous Freedom of Information Act lawsuits over the past 11 years since he moved to Santa Fe in 1995.