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Jeri Jimenez

Board Member

Jeri Jimenez is a Native Oregonian and a member of the Klamath tribe.  She was introduced to environmental justice issues in 1994 while working as a hotel worker exposed to toxic chemicals.  From there, she became an organizer and has worked in that field for over 20 years developing leadership in people of color to use their own voices to speak for themselves. In 2001, Jeri co-founded the Urban Workers Union, a union for parking lot attendants who had their election and became a union all in one year. In 2010 she also co-founded Survivor to Survivor (S2S) which is a sisterhood of trafficking survivors that started locally and is now a part of a national network.  Jeri was a part of and managed the Diversity and Civic Leadership Program for over 12 years at the Office of Neighborhood Involvement for the City of Portland. These funds help to build capacity for communities of color and Immigrant refugee communities to train their constituencies in a culturally appropriate way in leadership development and civic engagement with the City of Portland. She is the recipient of the following awards for her civic leadership: Portland, Oregon`s Steve Lowenstein Award, 1997, for serving poor and underprivileged communities; Worker’s Organizing Committee’s Matthew Gonzalez Organizing Award, 1998, for outstanding organizing; Robert Liberty Regional Leadership Award, 2004, for Environmental Justice Action Group’s Oregon Steel Mills victory; the Alston Bannerman Fellowship Award, National sabbatical fellowship for Organizers of color, 2006; Portland Tribune “Green Giant Award”, 2008; the Spirit of Portland Award, volunteer employee , 2008; 2012 – We are Portland Award; City of Portland Wonder Woman Award, 2017; Race Forward 20X20 Activist recognition. A passionate public speaker for many causes, Jeri uses her voice to speak truth to power. Her work comes from a more relational worldview, recognizing that all life is sacred and everything is connected. She dedicates her free time to work with survivors of human trafficking, community organizing and environmental justice.