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Susan Leopold

Secretary-Treasurer and Sustainability Education Fellow

CSE Board Member Susan Leopold of the Patawomeck Tribe of Virginia at Cannon Ball, North Dakota. Photo credit: Alyssa Shukar, New York Times.

Susan, a board member of the Center for Sustainable Economy, is the Executive Director of United Plant Savers ( She has a Doctorate in Ethnobotany from Antioch New England, and a Master’s in Environment Landscape Design from the Conway School. Currently she lives in Linden, Virginia, where she raises goats and grows medicinal herbs. Susan is native to Prince WIlliam County, born and raised in Woodbridge. Her Doctoral thesis was on the loss of ethnobotanical knowledge in the Bull Run Mountains and ecological changes that have taken place since H.A. Allard did his historical plant surveys of the 1940s in comparison to Gary Fleming’s 2000 ecological communities study.