Washington State Pulp and Paper Industrial Footprint

Center for Sustainable Economy is working with Earth Economics in Tacoma, Washington to provide a leading role in Washington State’s Industrial Footprint Project (IFP). The IFP is a project coordinated by the State’s Department of Ecology (DOE). The project’s goals are to develop an indicator system that can be used to quantify the benefits of sustainability investments and initiatives by major industrial sectors in the state. The first sector being addressed by the IFP is the pulp and paper industry. In collaboration with five participating mills, DOE, Earth Economics, and Redefining Progress, Center for Sustainable Economy has developed a set of 93 environmental, economic, and social indicators. The indicators address a wide range of critical issues such as climate change, air and water pollution, regional economic impact, workplace satisfaction, and social investments. CSE has developed a way to consolidate these indicators into an overall sustainability measure – the industrial footprint – and is now working to apply this system to participating mill’s data. The IFP is a model program. If successful, it will be applied to other sectors as a tool for making Washington State’s industries global leaders in sustainability performance.