Groups Call for Climate-Smart Forestry, an End to Clearcuts, and No New Fossil Fuel Infrastructure at Oregon’s Coastal Caucus

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August 22, 2018

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(Lincoln City, OR) With forest fires raging and record temperatures throughout the Pacific Northwest, an assortment of organizations from throughout Oregon concerned about the climate crisis, gathered in Lincoln City at the annual Coastal Caucus to urge their legislators to: Immediately adopt climate-smart forestry practices; allow no new clearcuts of Oregon’s carbon-rich forests; and build no new fossil fuel infrastructure, including the proposed Jordan Cove fracked gas pipeline.

The fact that clearcutting is the number one source of carbon pollution in the state, the biggest threat to drinking water, and a major driver of wildfire is an inconvenient truth that the decision-makers at this caucus must tackle as soon as possible,” said Dr. John Talberth, President and Chief Economist of the Center for Sustainable Economy, and author of a recent report, confirmed by OSU researchers, which documented the significant greenhouse gas emissions that the timber industry releases in Oregon.

“Over the years, Oregon’s timber industry has been transformed from one that provided tremendous economic benefits to one that does more economic harm than good,” said Ernie Niemi, President of Natural Resource Economics in Eugene. “Among the costly impacts passed on to taxpayers by the timber industry are the deeply negative impacts on our water supply and the huge emissions of carbon dioxide released as a consequence of clearcutting. The timber industry must adopt climate-smart forestry practices now.”

“I have a message to give to our legislators: when all is said and done, you have a responsibility – and more than that, a moral duty – to provide leadership as our state, our country, and our world move ever deeper into a climate crisis,” said Reverend Dr. Marilyn Sewell, Minister Emerita of Portland’s First Unitarian Church. “The evidence is clear: the greatest source of carbon emissions in this state is the timber industry. So the fires burn, the oceans rise. Who will say enough?”

“The greenhouse gas emissions from the Jordan Cove fracked gas pipeline are a direct threat to our future which is why I and thousands of Oregonians join Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley in opposing this destructive project and support his call for an end to all new fossil fuel infrastructure,” said Dr. Kelly O’Hanley, an obstetrician. “Portland has shown it can be done and, when we do, we can work toward a just transition to 100 percent renewable energy.”

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  1. I am on the State Forest Advisory Committee as one of two environmental representatives, and I am bringing this important and crucial topic to the committee at our next meeting.


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