What We Do



CSE uses its economic, scientific and legal expertise to develop innovative policy solutions to some of humanity’s most tenacious challenges. We work on market based solutions as well as new or amended regulatory approaches. We work with partners to develop solutions that are internationally applicable but tailored to institutions that operate at the local level. We have successfully fought for changes in public policies to protect at risk forests, farmland, wetlands, and wildlife habitat, halt new fossil fuel infrastructure, change priorities for public finance and help alleviate the growing inequality divide through affordable housing and living wages. Our policy work takes two basic forms:

  • Model legislation – CSE works with partners and legislators at the national, state, and local levels to draft model laws, resolutions, ordinances that speed the transition to a sustainable society and halt new projects or programs that accelerate climate change, extinction and poverty.
  • Regulatory reform – CSE works within the administrative processes of federal, state, and local public agencies to update regulations, rules, and guidance manuals to better reflect legislative intent, best available science and best practice.