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San Jose State University’s Ecological Footprint Challenge

For San Jose State University, CSE developed a customized on-line footprint calculator for students, faculty and staff as well as a competition for the lowest footprint score and greatest footprint reduction. Participants will take a baseline footprint in the fall of 2009, and then be encouraged to implement a wide range of personal sustainability initiatives over the winter. A second round of footprint scores will be taken in the spring to see how well the university community has done in reducing its overall footprint. Prizes include a 6-speed Alloy Folding MTA Metrobike by Citizen Bike, a Dell Inspiron Mini 10v Netbook Computer, and a Sony e-Book Reader. The competition is based on a unique, licensed version of the Ecological Footprint Quiz that includes data specific to the local area as well as a database capable of storing results.


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