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Recent Partners and Clients

American Bird Conservancy
  • Expert support for nationwide litigation to halt cell towers harmful to migratory birds.
2002 – 2006
Baltimore Sustainability Commission 
  • Genuine Progress Indicator accounts and application to the City’s climate action and stormwater management plans
2012 – 2015
California Ocean Protection Council
  • Economic value of coastal ecosystems in California.
Campaign for Bay Area Localization
  • Economic localization strategy for the Bay Area.
Center for Biological Diversity
  • Economic modeling of the water deficit liability for Fort Huachuca
Climate Action Coalition
  • Technical and advocacy support in opposition to fossil fuel export projects in Oregon
Colorado Conservation Exchange
  • Green-gray analysis for watershed restoration activities along Colorado’s Front Range.
Community Alliance with Family Farmers
  • Carbon footprint benefits of local food procurement by Kaiser Permanente
Cook Inletkeepers
  • Economic critique of the Chuitna Coal mine.
  • Potential public liability for fossil fuel infrastructure in Cook Inlet.
2010 – 2013
Forest Restoration Technologies Group
  • Economic benefits of forest restoration in New Mexico’s Gila watershed.
  • Green-gray analysis for the Ashland watershed.
  • Green-gray analysis of alternatives to the Northern Irrigation Supply Project.
  • Economic benefits of Santa Fe’s affordable housing strategy.
Institute for Policy Studies
  • Closing the inequality divide in Maryland – a GPI analysis.
Interfaith Power and Light
  • Cool congregations carbon footprint challenge.
Maryland Nonprofits
  • Genuine Progress Indicator applications to inequality and minimum wage campaign
2012 – 2014
Northern Alaska Environmental Center
  • Economic feasibility of coal to liquids plant development.
  • Independent critique and benefit-cost analysis of the Delong Mountain Terminal Project.
  • Economic impacts of new Alaska mines.


2003 – 2009
  • Economic critique of the outer continental shelf oil and gas leasing program.
Redefining Progress
  • The fishprint of aquaculture.
  • Ecological footprint quiz.
San Jose State University
  • Campus ecological footprint challenge.
Sustainable Cotton Project
  • Fiber footprint calculator for promoting sustainable cotton.
U.K. Department for Environment and Rural Affairs
  • Aichi biodiversity targets – global cost assessment.
United Nations Industrial Development Organization
  • Stimulating the green industry transition: a policy brief.
Washington State Department of Ecology
  • Industrial footprint analysis for the pulp and paper industry.
WildEarth Guardians
  • Economics of roadless area conservation in New Mexico.
  • Expert testimony on the economic benefits of outstanding national resource water protection.
Wilderness Society
  • Economic analysis of the proposed Izembek Road Project, Alaska.
2009 – 2012
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