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CSE is a 25-year-old environmental economics think tank that works to speed the transition to a sustainable society. We do this by analyzing the impacts of public policy, programs, and projects, by developing creative solutions for government agencies, businesses, non-profits, and educators, and by providing expert support for legislative, administrative, and legal campaigns. We keep our organization lean and effective by minimizing administrative staff and overhead and by relying on a network of distinguished fellows with expertise in the fields of ecological economics, conservation biology, sustainability analysis, and public interest law. We serve our partners by providing expertise they need but also take initiative on our own campaigns when key opportunities arise.

Our Vision

We believe that a swift transition to a New Economy based on the principles of sustainable development is the only way to emerge from the converging crises of global economic collapse, climate change, and resource depletion in a manner that is just, rapid, and minimizes harm, especially to those least well-off. Hallmarks of the New Economy have been well-researched. It is the transition that needs to happen now. We need to marshal vast knowledge, skills, and resource of humanity to create a New Economy that:

  • Measures progress by improvements in well-being and not expansion of the scale and scope of market economic activity.
  • Recognizes the immense value and importance of relationships and activities outside the so called formal sector.
  • Is based on a renewable energy platform, guarantees basic human needs, discourages wasteful consumption, and invests in rather than depletes natural, physical, social and cultural capital.
  • Replaces brutal and wasteful competition between nations, businesses, and individuals with one that binds us together in cooperative frameworks for solving civilization’s most urgent problems.
  • Is firmly ensconced within the Earth’s ecological limits and guided by our spiritual and ethical traditions.
  • Is diverse, adaptable, localized, and resilient.


Center for Sustainable Economy hosts an experienced team of fellows with expertise in ecological economics, conservation biology, sustainability analysis, and public interest law. We provide support for the sustainability initiatives of non-profits, government agencies, and businesses. Our professional services include:

  • Benefit-cost analysis of public policy
  • Ecological footprint and carbon footprint analysis Non-market valuation
  • Expert support for comments, appeals, and litigation
  • Sustainable development plans and policies
  • Status and trends of key sustainability indicators
  • Lectures, workshops, trainings and curriculum for sustainability education
  • On-line calculators, surveys, and sustainability analysis tools


Board, Staff and Fellows

Dr. John Talberth

John is the founder of Center for Sustainable Economy and currently serves as both President ...Read More

Richard Mietz

Richard has been involved with various environmental and public interest groups as an activist, attorney, ...Read More

Susan Leopold

Susan, a board member of the Center for Sustainable Economy, is the Executive Director of ...Read More

Dr. Nejem Raheem

Dr. Nejem Raheem serves as an environmental economics fellow at CSE and has worked on ...Read More

Erin Gray

Erin holds a Master of Environmental Management degree from Duke University’s Nicholas School of the ...Read More

Evan Branosky

Evan Branosky is an environmental policy fellow at the Center for Sustainable Economy. With CSE, ...Read More

Bryan Bird

Bryan Bird received his masters in conservation biology from New Mexico State University in 1995 ...Read More

Steven Sugarman

Steve is an environmental attorney who earned his J.D. from the Boalt Hall School of ...Read More

Ted Gleichman

Policy Advisor, Climate Justice Program Ted Gleichman brings four decades of socio-political activism and enterprise ...Read More

Daphne Wysham

Daphne Wysham is leading CSE’s Climate Justice Program. A founder and director of the Sustainable ...Read More

Nick Caleb

Nick ​is Staff Attorney at the Center for Sustainable Economy, providing legal counsel for the Climate Justice ...Read More
Portrait of Kelly O'Hanley

Dr. Kelly O’Hanley

Dr. Kelly O’Hanley is a board member of the Center for Sustainable Economy. An obstetrician ...Read More

Zack Kearl

Research Fellow Zach Kearl is CSE’s events coordinator and research fellow, working closely with our ...Read More

Aaron Danowski

Aaron is the Center for Sustainable Economy’s Climate Justice Research Fellow. He is a senior ...Read More

Akash Singh

Akash Singh is the Climate Justice Youth Organizer for the Center for Sustainable Economy. He ...Read More

Work with us

The Center for Sustainable Economy (CSE) is seeking a volunteer intern to work in the state of Oregon. Learn from national environmental leaders on exciting campaigns taking on the fossil fuel and timber industry in the Pacific Northwest. A great opportunity doing meaningful work in a beautiful part of the country. Flexible hours and the ability to work from home, as needed.

Online Organizing Intern: This position will provide support for CSE’s social media presence, website, and communications. You will help with a) improving the design and content of our website, making it more interactive and visually inviting; b) enhancing our presence and outreach on social media; c) writing blogs and op-eds for publication in local and national media outlets.

Please be prepared to work at least 15-20 hours per week for at least 10 weeks.

Please send a cover letter, at least two references, samples of your web design, social media work and/or writing, and a resume to: daphne@sustainable-economy.org.

Grassroots Organizing Intern: As CSE’s Grassroots Organizing Intern, you will help with program development, business and grassroots outreach, events, membership, and database management for our Wild and Working Forests and Climate Justice initiatives. Learn more about our campaigns here and here

Please be prepared to work at least 15-20 hours per week for at least 10 weeks.

Please send a cover letter, at least two references, and a resume to: daphne@sustainable-economy.org

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